Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dodgers game

After the day at the beach, we hurried back to the hotel, showered, grabbed some dinner and headed for the LA Dodgers game.  We were staying about 23 miles away from the stadium and gave ourselves and hour to get there, but it took us an hour and a half to get there.  Traffic was horrible.  What you hear about traffic in LA, is true.  We missed the first inning and missed some highlights.  But we were seated in left center field on the 3rd row and saw a great game.  The Dodgers won 11 to 4.  There were 5 home runs during this game, which is very unusual for LA.  The crowd was very lively in the outfield bleachers and we had a good time.  After the game, they had a fireworks show and allowed the fans onto the field.  Something I thought I would never dream of doing was to actually put my foot on the field at Dodgers Stadium.  I was in heaven.  We didn't stay for the show as we had to get up early the next morning and start driving home and it was already almost 11pm.  Here are a few pictures of the game.

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